1953 – 1983
• Founded business as a Citrus Grower and continue trading activity under 1953 as a citrus grower association.

1984 – 1990
• Establishment of own company and started trading activity in domestic and foreign market. Built first packing house, opened first shop at fruit and vegetable wholesale market.

1990 – 2000
• Opening new companies in Holland, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Focusing more to foreign markets. Start of importing bananas, exotics and off season products ( Citrus, grapes, apples, etc… )

• Continuation of export and increasing the product range from citrus to other fruits and vegetables. Focusing more to supermarket chains in Turkey and Europe Countries.
• Investing in logistics by purchasing own frigo trucks.

2005 – 2010
• Opening 3 more packing houses in different fruit and vegetable growing areas of Turkey. Investing more in growing fruits and vegetables. Especially apples and stone fruits.

2010 – 2014
• Opening of packing houses and new shops in fruit and vegetable markets all over TURKEY.
• Re-exporting of imported products to neighbour countries by utilising custom-bounded warehouses at each packing-houses.
• Implementing of new ERP system ( SAP ) in to our companies. • Purchasing new 50 frigo trucks.